Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Environments | work session
Fleur van Muiswinkel

For Contour Biennale 9’s full moon cycle, COYOTE will run a one-day experimental drawing and writing work session. The work session focuses on expanding an environmental lexicon with the help of willing participants in Mechelen. The aim is to use this new vocabulary as a tool for environmental activism.

There is a morning and afternoon session. People are welcome to attend the workshop, also if they cannot stay all day.

The morning session will focus on a conceptual and political discussion with COYOTE and Louis de Bruyn, from “the art of the common place” to the reality of a circular and local agriculture in Mechelen. De Bruyn is working on connecting eaters and growers; and fostering this common place.

The afternoon session will start with a talk by Eline Arlt, from Youth for Climate Mechelen. After a conversation about environmental activism and effective modes of action, we will draw and experiment new visual signs to express our feelings and concerns regarding climate change.

Environments is an open-ended environmental lexicon in the form of a collection of visual signs as propositions for thinking, speaking, feeling, acting and remaining in an increasingly devastated and contaminated world.

Please be aware that there is limited seating for this work session and book your place in good time.

With the generous support of the Embassy of France in Belgium and the Institut Français. In partership with Louis de Bruyn and Eline Arlt of Youth for Climate Mechelen.

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