Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters

During this work session and ritual Common dreams: Climate Grief you will find out more about the meaning and impact of climate change. The programme maker Evanne Nowak and artist Maria Lucia Cruz Correia invite you to join them for this work session on the floating island located for the weekend on the River Dyle in the city centre of Mechelen.

Common Dreams: Climate Grief will focus on the effect that the rapid weather changes that have occurred recently have on human beings, beings other than humans and landscapes. Consciously or unconsciously, we all experience the effect of the heat waves on social, cultural and farming activities, through daily news reports or our own personal experiences. Are we in deeper trouble than we want to admit? And what can we do?

Evanne Nowak and artist Maria Lucia Cruz Correia will introduce and explore your own current state of climate grief along with you. Some local examples will be introduced for a better understanding of the issues at stake. This grief is often characterised by a sense of loss and feelings of melancholy for a situation that has not yet disappeared, one we often take for granted. By sharing these experiences together, and under the guidance of Nowak and Cruz Correia, you will create a collective ritual that is an act of solidarity and can be used as a political mobilization tool.

If it is raining a new location will be found.

With the generous support of Klimaatneutraal Mechelen and coproduced by Straathoekwerk Mechelen.

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Evanne Nowak
Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Dyle Path at the Vismarkt
Vismarkt (Dijlepad)
2800 Mechelen