16:00 - 22:00 Installation at Dyle Path at the Vismarkt

Common Dreams | Piraten van de Dijle

Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters

This floating garden is initiated by Contour Biennial artist Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and designed in collaboration with the Straathoekwerk Mechelen community.

The garden is designed with a focus on edible vegetables that grow in muddy and shaded conditions in order to relieve the survival challenges caused by climate change. It is an attempt to create a real functioning utopia and to become a living archive of survival stories and plants.

The garden will be maintained by teams from Straathoekwerk Mechelen. The harvest from the garden will go to the people who have taken care of it.

With the generous support of Klimaatneutraal Mechelen and coproduced by Straathoekwerk Mechelen.

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Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Dyle Path at the Vismarkt
Vismarkt (Dijlepad)
2800 Mechelen