“WE ARE NOT THE UTOPIANS” Found at Paris School Strike for Climate, Friday 15 March 2019
“FOR A CLIMATE OF REVOLT!” Found at Brussels Youth for Climate March, Friday 17 May 2019
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters
Lavinia Wouters

Night is high, the sky has darkened. Pleased that the moon’s glow is kept from showing, Coyote howls to a black night. Imbued in darkness, the animal retraces its steps and sniffs the imprint of the past, spelling it back into the pressing present.

Under the influence of the Waning Moon Crescent, COYOTE re.member and re.assemble the many facets of their research in Mechelen with a performative and polyphonic conference. By bringing together seeds and transplants, forms and protests, tales and letters, hopes and howls, COYOTE will resume and expand on their work around the Youth for Climate Movement, the community of organic growers in Mechelen, and Louis de Bruyn’s circular agriculture.

Through words, sounds, images and signs, COYOTE activates and enlarges 'Environments', their open-ended environmental lexicon as an attempt to think, feel, act and remain in an increasingly devastated and contaminated world. Each member of the collective will engage in a short individual presentation, juxtaposing and sequencing together the manifold aspects of their travels to and from Mechelen through this year of thirteen moons.

With the support of the Embassy of France in Belgium and the Institut Français.

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nona arts centre - old hall
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