Mireille Tsheusi Robert

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Book Club #3: 'Pietpraat'

Co-author of "Racisme antiNoirs, entre méconnaissance et mépris" (Anti-Black Racism, Between Misunderstanding and Contempt), Mireille Tsheusi Robert is the founder of Bamko asbl (Women's Anti-Racism Watch Committee), an association that has pushed the limits of activism through various activities, open letters, and public position statements. Mireille Tsheusi-Robert is a researcher and trainer on diversity and gender issues. The holder of a master's degree in education sciences, she defines herself as a "resilience guardian" since she accompanies Afro-descendant adolescents and children who are victims of racism and misunderstanding.

In particular, she has taken a stand on issues like ‘Zwarte Piet’, the memory of colonization, discrimination in mainstream anti-racism and the colonial museum the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren. This year, with Bamko, she defended the project of restitution of stolen African artefacts before the Brussels Parliament.