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The Wasp and the Weather,

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the wasp and the weather

As part of Contour Biennale 9, Vanbesien presents the project The Wasp and the Weather, combining different kinds of works. The Wasp and the Weather is a film that will premiere in the Waning Crescent Moon Phase of the Biennale (October 18-20). As a prologue to the film, an archival installation and poetry readings will be hosted during the Full Moon Phase (May 17-19).

Robin Vanbesien’s recent work seeks a poetics that is rooted in the politics of prefiguration and its social imaginaries. As part of this recent work, both the film Under These Words (Solidarity Athens 2016) (2017) and the publication Solidarity Poiesis: I Will Come and Steal You (2017) take their vantage point from the popular assemblies in Athens and inhabit an explorative, curious, and open-ended search for what Raymond Williams called a ‘structure of feeling’: a kind of feeling and thinking that is social and material. Vanbesien’s work has been presented recently at events and venues including Athens Biennale 2015-2017 “OMONOIA” (Athens), Transmediale (Berlin), WIELS (Brussels), Lumiar Cité (Lisbon), Objectif Exhibitions (Antwerp), Netwerk (Aalst), Extra City (Antwerp), Vooruit (Ghent), Beursschouwburg (Brussels) and Drop City (Newcastle Upon Tyne - Düsseldorf).