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Heart-to-Heart Conversation #1: Coyote, Picha & Enough Room for Space,

Heart-to-heart Conversation #2: Cadine Navarro & Coyote,

Environments | Language as Magic as Language,

Environments | work session,

Environments | Critical Meal,

Environments: from root ∞ to transplant

COYOTE is an interdisciplinary collective committed to art, ecology, ethnology and political science. It was founded by Tristan Bera, Nuno da Luz, Elida Høeg, Clémence Seurat and Ana Vaz, following their joint experience at the École des Arts Politiques (SPEAP) led by Bruno Latour. The collective works around intersectionality on the crossroads of broader conceptual and experimental forms (publishing, film, performed conversation, communal meals). Since 2015, COYOTE has followed in the footsteps of one of its members every year (Paris, Lisbon, Athens, Barcelona) to explore new territory originating from a specific investigation. The collective has presented its work in cultural institutions throughout Europe: Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Khiasma (Paris), Syntax (Lisbon) and BAR Project (Barcelona).

Under the spell of the full moon, COYOTE proposes collaborative and immersive experiences that deepen, expand and transform their ongoing research on agricultural practices and their respective vocabularies and imaginings in the city of Mechelen and its surroundings.

With the generous support of the Embassy of France in Belgium and the Institut Français.