Laura Nsengiyumva

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Bookclub #1: 'Wanneer we spreken over kolonisatie',

Heart-to-Heart Conversation #3: Monique Mbeka Phoba and Laura Nsengiyumva,


Book Club #2: 'Zwart',

A Flower Garden of All Kinds of Loveliness Without Sorrow | Presentation,

Book Club #3: 'Pietpraat'

The Belgian-Rwandan artist Laura Nsengiyumva lives in Brussels. She won the first prize at the Kunstsalon Ghent in 2011, and the second prize at the Dakar Biennale in 2012. Nsengiyumva explores themes such as diasporic experience, multiple identity, North-South relations and empathy. She speaks about these topics through images and interventions on colonized spaces. Her transcultural view of history is based on human stories that invite us to find what brings us together.

Laura Nsengiyumva is affiliated as an artistic researcher to KASK & Conservatorium, the School of Arts of HOGENT and howest. The "Bookclub" is part of her research project "Shaping the presence of the African diapora in Belgium" that is financed by the HOGENT Arts Research Fund.