Monique Mbeka Phoba

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Heart-to-Heart Conversation #3: Monique Mbeka Phoba and Laura Nsengiyumva,

Masterclass - Colonisation in Belgian films in the last 30 years: a taboo?

Monique Mbeka Phoba (1962) is a Belgian director of Congolese origin. She has been making documentaries for over 20 years. In 2010, she obtained a master’s degree in scriptwriting from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) in Louvain-La-Neuve. Sœur Oyo (2014) is her first work of fiction. Her masterclass on the theme of colonisation in recent Belgian cinema investigates the remarkable absence of this theme, both in the collective memory and official history.

Previously, Mbeka Phoba has made many documentaries including Revue en vrac (1992), Deux petits tours et puis s'en vont (1997), Un rêve d'indépendance (1998), Anna l'enchantée (2001), Sorcière, la vie! (2006) and Entre la coupe et l'élection (2007).