Black(s) to the Future

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Transnational dialogue: blackness, futurity and creativity within Europe

Mawena Yehouessi (°1990) founded the experimental and artistic research collective Black(s) to the Future in 2015. It brings together artists, writers, researchers and activists to investigate hybrid influences. Black(s) to the Future is working on an alternative, sustainable and uncomplicated vision of the world and its Afro-related dimensions. The site, the radio platform R22 Tout-Monde and the collective’s festival in Paris are both a medium (where something is created) and media (where messages are broadcast). They are spaces for creative exploration. Black(s) to the Future is nourished by Afrofuturism. The collective evolves through intuition, encounters and opportunities.

The Black(s) to the Future team consists of Mawena Yehouessi, Loane Alonzeau, Vincent Bremaud, Yaëlle Corbrejaud, Anaëlle Domitien, Caroline Honorien, Jessica Komguen, Ingha Mago, Fallon Mayanja, Eden du Paradis, Justine Rousseau and Patrick Yehouessi.