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Greyzone Zebra

A collective of artists, teachers, curators and researchers set up the artistic research project Greyzone Zebra in February 2016.

Greyzone Zebra emerged from the desire to develop space and time for reflection on colonial history. Its starting point is amateur films made between the end of the 19th century and the early days of independence in the former Belgian colonies and other European colonies. To begin with, the group worked on films made during the colonial era that were commissioned by colonial governments for the purposes of political propaganda or films made by missionaries or scientific researchers. Greyzone Zebra is currently focusing of amateur films: early examples of “home movies”.

The project is mapped onto three axes. Firstly there are projection performances that make it possible to investigate the performativity of the collective and the contemporary view of these images, and to use them in a practice of notating and writing. Secondly, Greyzone Zebra organises workshops where the participating artists and researchers develop gestures they can use to rework and rewrite the images. Finally, the collective intends to create an archive that will include the collection, digitisation and conservation of these films.

The members of the collective are Milena Desse, Arthur Gillet, Sandra Heremans, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Nelson Makengo, Alexander Schellow, Anna Seiderer, Pierre Voland and Antje Van Wichelen.