Cadine Navarro

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Black Gold,

Heart-to-heart Conversation #2: Cadine Navarro & Coyote,

Ode to the Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Life experiences in seven countries, three continents and fifty-five homes has become a primary resource for Cadine Navarro. The core of her work questions the ways we continually adapt and re-define ourselves within the perpetual present. Exploring the language and form that embody modern boundary practices, Cadine often use her own story as a platform for collaborative work. Recently, ecological transformations have become a driving force in her artistic practice, inspired by her training in permaculture design. Her recent ‘Golden Seed' series is based on a storage method designed to preserve genetic diversity in seeds. Incorporating threatened or local seeds into paper fibres, for example, result in miniature crop trusts that can be distributed across borders or planted directly in the ground, a ‘matter in becoming’.